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Palm Tree Removal & Cleaning in Brisbane

Palm trees are iconic in Brisbane, but caring for them has challenges. As palms mature, old fronds shed and trunks expand. This natural process requires maintenance to prevent hazards. When debris builds up, pests move in. Dead leaves also present fire risks. That’s why regular professional cleaning is recommended, especially heading into hot, dry seasons.

Over time, palms may become unhealthy or unstable. Our arborists check for signs of disease and structural issues. Sometimes palms can be revived with pruning and nutrients. Other times, removal is the safest option if they pose dangers like falling fronds or toppling trunks. We respect these are hard decisions for tree lovers.

With over 10 years of specialised experience, we want to be your go-to palm tree expert. We remove palms humanely per local codes, using rope rigging to avoid harm. Our qualified arborists cut the trunk close to the ground and grind the remaining stump. We’ll explain options if your palms are diseased, dying or dangerously tall. ABC Tree Lopping strives to balance preservation with practicality.

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We’ll give straight answers on the health of your palms and realistic options. Caring for these iconic trees is our passion.

Advantages of Palm Tree Cleaning and Removal

Regular removal and cleaning improve safety by removing heavy hanging fronds that could fall and cause damage or injury. Strategic trimming opens up the canopy to let more sunlight in and open up views. Pruning back encroaching fronds in the pool makes it simpler to keep the pool area clean as well.


The cost depends on the tree size and access. For common tall, thin palms like Bangalow palms, you can expect to pay:

  • Small under 10m tall – $200 – $400
  • Medium 10m – 25m tall – $300 – $600
  • Large over 25m tall – $600 – $1000

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Our Services

  • Complete removal
  • Frond/debris removal
  • Stump grinding
  • Root removal
  • Pruning/trimming
  • Tree cleaning
  • Emergency removal

Clearing Services from Qualified Arborists

Why Us

  • Fully licensed and insured arborists
  • 10+ years experience
  • Use safe rigging techniques
  • Competitive prices and free quotes
  • Flexible booking
  • Honest prices – no hidden fees
  • Discreet work to minimise disruption
  • Reliable, punctual, and professional crew
  • 100% customer satisfaction

Service Locations

We happily serve homeowners and businesses across greater Brisbane including:

  • North Brisbane – Chermside, Stafford, Kedron, Gordon Park
  • South Brisbane – Greenslopes, Holland Park, Mount Gravatt, Capalaba
  • East Brisbane – Wynnum, Manly, Lota, Waterloo Bay
  • Western Suburbs – Indooroopilly, Toowong, Milton, Taringa
  • Northern Suburbs – Zillmere, Boondall, Nudgee, Banyo
  • Southern Suburbs – Sunnybank, Runcorn, Eight Mile Plains, Rochedale

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