Benefits of Tree Lopping

Top 5 Perks Of Lopping Trees Professionally

Benefits of Tree Lopping

Tree lopping, also known as pruning or trimming. It is the process of removing branches to control its shape and improve its tree health. Professional tree loppers have the skills and equipment to prune them safely and effectively.

There are numerous benefits to properly lopping and pruning your trees:

1. It Keeps Trees Healthy

Untrimmed trees can get sick. Dead branches rub against each other allowing rot and pests spread. Dead twigs and leaves get trapped, using up nutrients. Lopping removes all this unhealthy growth so disease does not spread. It shapes the tree to let more sunlight and air reach the remaining healthy branches. More light and air circulation makes the tree stronger. New bud is also stimulated by careful pruning.

2. Safety

Branches that hang too low or stick out dangerously could hurt someone. Limbs broken in storms may crash down suddenly with no warning. Tree lopping clears away unwanted branches before they cause safety hazards. It especially targets those blocking sidewalks, driveways or street lights. Without lopping, an unhealthy tree is more likely to drop hazardous branches on homes, cars or electrical cable during weather events.

3. Higher Home Value

Overgrown trees appear untended. While neatly-trimmed landscape shows owners care about tree maintenance. Curb appeal matters when selling a home. Properties with attractive, shapely trees often appraise for higher prices than similar homes with overgrown landscaping. Fir and pine needles also accumulate quickly on roofs and gutters without pruning. This can deter buyers who then make lower offers accounting for cleanup costs.

4. More Sun and Airflow

Thick tree canopies block sunlight and trap humidity. Opening up the branches allows refreshing airflow and sunny spots for gardens or play areas. Tree lopping improves moods by letting natural light reach interior rooms. Grass grows thicker and lawns stay drier when more sun shines through. Careful branch removal even provides space for new tree plantings that couldn’t thrive before.

5. No Power Cuts From Storm Damage

Messy, quick chopping often happens when species of tree grows too close to electrical lines. Winds may blow their unchecked branches onto nearby wires. Utilities will cut away anything threatening lines, leaving ugly stubs. Proper lopping keeps entire tree canopies a safe distance from infrastructure. This preventative measure leads to fewer neighborhood brown out.

DIY Tips

You can prune small branches safely:

What You Need

  • Hand pruners – branches under 1 inch diameter
  • Loppers – branches 1-3 inches diameter
  • Pole pruner – for high branches
  • Chainsaw – large branches
  • Ladder, rope, tarp

How to Prune

  • Only cut what you can reach from the ground or short ladder
  • Never remove more than 25% of branches per year
  • Cut just past the branch collar
  • Clean tools after each tree
  • Chip up small branches

Call an Expert For Professional Tree Services If:

  • Branches thicker than 1 inch
  • Branches too high to reach
  • Damaged or unsafe branches
  • Trees growing near power lines

When To Call A Professional Lopper


Regular pruning by qualified arborists leads to healthy, attractive trees that enhance property value. Uniform tree canopies provide protection, sunlight and appeal. Even light DIY trimming improves air circulation. Contact a professional tree removal company to assess your landscape’s lopping needs this season.