Tree Relocation Brisbane

Relocating Trees Cost-Efficiently

Transplanting of Mature Trees

Moving a tree is no small task, but sometimes it’s necessary to save a treasured tree or make room for construction. If done right, relocating it can give it a new life in a better spot. The pros at ABC Tree Lopping have successfully moved hundreds of trees in Brisbane over the past 10+ years. With our experience, licenses, insurance, and 100% satisfaction guarantee, you can trust us to safely relocate your tree and help it thrive.

When determining if a tree is a good candidate for relocation, the first step is a thorough evaluation of its health and structure. This ensures it can handle a move without too much risk. We prune as needed months in advance. That way, new growth can support the move. When a tree is moved, it goes into shock because so many roots are broken. It takes time to regrow lost roots and adjust to a new environment. That’s why the method of relocating is critical. We excavate deeply to get as many roots as possible. We wrap the branches and trunk to prevent damage during transport. Then we quickly replant and support it with stakes and guying to prevent shifting.

Proper aftercare also helps a transplanted tree recover. We give it supplemental water and nutrients to stimulate new root growth. And we monitor it to ensure it’s establishing well. With more than a decade of experience, we have a proven process to reduce transplant shock and promote better recovery.

Whether you need more space or want to preserve a beloved tree, trust us for expert relocation.

Our licensed professionals provide gentle extraction, safe transportation, proper replanting, and ongoing care. We’d love to assess your tree and landscape.

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Advantages of Tree Relocation

Relocating a tree has many advantages over removal. It preserves the tree’s life, retains its environmental benefits, and lets you keep your emotional connection. Other key benefits include:

  • Maintains property value
  • Avoids costs of new tree purchase and installation
  • Prevents erosion and flooding risks from removing large trees
  • Provides instant shade and beauty in a new spot


The average cost in Brisbane ranges from $500 to $2,500 per tree. Prices will vary based on various factors. These include size, species, accessibility, and distance of the move.

Our Services

  • Site inspection and tree assessment
  • Preparation work like pruning and root cutting
  • Careful excavation to retain roots
  • Securing branches during transport
  • Transplanting and replanting the tree
  • Staking and guying the tree in new location
  • Mulching and watering for aftercare
  • Monitoring tree health and recovery

Tree Relocation in Brisbane

Why Choose Us

  • Licensed and certified arborists
  • 10+ years of hands-on expertise
  • Fully insured (Public liability up to $20M)
  • Affordable and transparent pricing
  • Free, no-obligation quotes
  • 24/7 Flexible scheduling
  • 100% customer satisfaction

Service Locations

We serve all major Brisbane regions:

  • Brisbane City and CBD
  • North Brisbane and Moreton Bay
  • South Brisbane and Logan
  • East Brisbane and Redlands
  • West Brisbane and Ipswich

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Act now to save your treasured tree! The more quickly we can relocate your healthy tree, the better it will cope with the move. Delaying too long risks decline. Our experts will flawlessly move your tree so it thrives for years in its new spot and avoid the trauma and costs of removal.

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